Letelt az időd. Pár másodpercen belül átirányítunk a kiértékeléshez.

Válaszd ki az egyetlen helyes választ a lehetőségek közül!

  1. A: Do you like watching TV? B: ________

  2. Turn up the volume a little, please. I can't ________ it.

  3. It doesn't matter how rich you are, your ________ is the most important thing in the world.

  4. You can ________ it in my ear so that nobody else will hear it.

  5. That's not my key. ________ is in my bag.

  6. My uncle is rich. He has ________ money.

  7. I ________ with you. This program is boring. Let's watch something else.

  8. John and I ________ friends.

  9. I'm afraid that your car doesn't have enough ________ to go up that hill.

  10. My mother's ________ my aunt.

  11. Her family is quite rich. They live in a big ________ in the countryside.

  12. They can run ________ most of us.

  13. ________ and have a pizza somewhere, shall we?

  14. The bakery is right ________ the road. You can't miss it.

  15. She arrived ________ the afternoon.

  16. When she was a child, she ________ the violin.

  17. What will you do if ________ ?

  18. If you're feeling cold, put another ________ on the bed.

  19. If we hurry, we can still ________ our bus. Come on!

  20. Have you finished ________ your suitcases yet? The taxi has arrived.

  21. If you turn off the heating when you are away from home, you will ________ a lot of money.

  22. I'm sure Lisa ________ your present.

  23. I went to the bank this morning to see if I could ________ some money but they refused me.

  24. You ________ trusted him. It was a big mistake.

  25. Karl is ________; he can speak both German and English fluently.

  26. He was sad because he ________ his driving test.

  27. What would you do if somebody ________ you this?

  28. It is traditional that the couple give one another ________ during the wedding ceremony.

  29. It has been three hours since Josh went out. I'm beginning to get a little ________.

  30. How often ________ these flowers ________ ?

  31. By the time he was 40, he ________ books for over 15 years.

  32. If you were a more ________ person, you would ask me if I needed some help.

  33. Remember to keep the ________ in case you need to change the dress if it is too small.

  34. Do you know when the plane ________ ?

  35. I really don't like his ________. He thinks he can pass the exams without studying.

  36. Amanda is really ________. She knows exactly what she wants to do with her life.

  37. Mary can't take us to the airport tonight. We'll have to ________ for a taxi.

  38. A: Where's your PC? B: It's ________ because it broke recently.

  39. We decided to keep going ________ the bad weather.

  40. Sometimes I wish somebody ________ me far away from here.