Letelt az időd. Pár másodpercen belül átirányítunk a kiértékeléshez.

Válaszd ki az egyetlen helyes választ a lehetőségek közül!

  1. A: Do you like watching TV? B: ________

  2. Don't stand on that chair. It's not very ________.

  3. We go to see my grandparents ________ weekend.

  4. I can't solve this math problem. Can I use a ________?

  5. ________ in the park.

  6. It doesn't matter how rich you are, your ________ is the most important thing in the world.

  7. We played a stupid ________ at the party last night. Everyone enjoyed it but me.

  8. John and I ________ friends.

  9. Put the dough in the oven and ________ for about an hour.

  10. My uncle is rich. He has ________ money.

  11. If you're feeling cold, put another ________ on the bed.

  12. They can run ________ most of us.

  13. Her family is quite rich. They live in a big ________ in the countryside.

  14. When she was a child, she ________ the violin.

  15. A: What are you planning for the weekend? B: ________ my aunt.

  16. Guess what! Jane and Paul have ________. Their relationship was a disaster anyway.

  17. The bakery is right ________ the road. You can't miss it.

  18. Why ________ go home so soon?

  19. I don't want a ________ job as I would like to have my mornings free.

  20. ________ this song?

  21. He's quite tired because ________ .

  22. You said you were with your colleagues but that was a ________! You were with your ex-girlfriend!

  23. When we finally go on vacation, I want to ________ some quality time with my family.

  24. I'm sure Lisa ________ your present.

  25. A: Do you have plans for tonight? B: ________ but I'm not sure.

  26. It is traditional that the couple give one another ________ during the wedding ceremony.

  27. That street ________ very noisy if it's so close to the main road.

  28. What would you do if somebody ________ you this?

  29. Some prisoners ________ from the prison this morning. They are said to be very dangerous.

  30. My father ________ a few years ago but he still has a part-time job.

  31. He's been living with us since he ________ away from home.

  32. I'm feeling really ________ today. I have a cold and a rather hard day ahead of me.

  33. If you don't like your food, you should ________ to the waiter.

  34. Do you know when the plane ________ ?

  35. If you were a more ________ person, you would ask me if I needed some help.

  36. He wouldn't have agreed if he ________ what it would cause.

  37. We decided to keep going ________ the bad weather.

  38. In order to pass that exam, I strongly ________ you to start studying at once.

  39. The police are sure of catching the thief after several people were able to give them an accurate ________.

  40. You ________ arrived so early. The meeting starts in an hour.